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A father's thoughts and questions after his baby goes viral!

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Views Read Edit View history. I suppose that stays with you all the time. Cicchini found considerable evidence of feelings of responsibility. Expressions of parental feelings are intense in many of the accounts. What then are we to make of these beliefs in, and feelings of, fatherhood? Are bonds with the child a result of maturation Cicchini , guilt Mason ; Passmore and Coles , shame over abandonment Coles , a combination of all these?

Ainsworth makes a difference between relationship bonds which are dyadic, and affectional bonds which can be experienced by the individual in absentia of the other Ainsworth , p. Are these what birth fathers feel? Whilst it has already been acknowledged that our knowledge of birth fathers is scant and that the research to date has not drawn on random samples, yet there is sufficient repetition of testimony to feelings of fatherhood to warrant a deeper enquiry into the possible source of the feelings of paternal-ness expressed throughout the existing accounts.

Condon et al. This is germane because, in the case of birth fathers, aside from the various commemorations and rituals referred to above, there are no behaviours to observe relating to interactions between fathers and children. The conclusions of Condon et al.

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In other specific instances e. Notwithstanding that the men in the latter studies were in expectation of a future relationship with their child, the fact that in some of the birth father cases, the men were disabused of this expectation, makes signs of attachment in birth fathers ever more arresting. Given the latter proviso about thwarted expectations and the evidence of mixed reactions to the pregnancy, nevertheless, it can be said that, whether they embraced the role or not, the birth fathers in the studies were expectant fathers.

The researchers find hormonal changes in expectant fathers that they suggest are associated with the development of fatherhood p. Could such changes also be at work for birth fathers in amongst the mix of conflicting emotions during the pregnancy and birth, whether or not they were present, banned or took themselves away?

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Remaining with expectant fathers, the systematic review by Baldwin et al. There is some evidence of the pleasure of having fathered a child and looking forward to a familial relationship in the birth father literature Clapton ; Witney ; Coles Whether or not wholly embraced, and by no means all did so as noted above, the majority of the birth fathers that we know of experienced a transition to fatherhood that was to make and retain a decisive impression on their lives.

This seems to be a combination of genealogical, biological, psychological and emotional factors. In a recent paper on adoption reunions Clapton argued that our developing understandings of the experiences of reunions leads to the conclusion that hierarchies of family in adoption are unhelpful. That is, the notion of equating the family with those that have done the work of raising the adopted child as the primary one, and the birth family as secondary—and provisional or contingent—was problematised by reunions between adopted people and their families of origin: reunions with birth fathers and those with siblings both disrupt any fixed essentialist ideas of kinship between adoptive people and birth mothers, but also poses the question, as Hughes does, of the helpfulness of ideas of kinship hierarchies Clapton , p.

The present paper applies this notion of a more flattened, less hierarchical approach to relations between adopted people and their fathers whether the birth father is in the life of the child or not.

California law, like nature itself, makes no provision for dual fatherhood Michael H. Gerald D. Hubin approvingly quotes Mahowald:. A real mother, then, is first and foremost a woman who cares for a child, from any state of development, until the child no longer needs that care. A real father is a man who does the same when he can, i. For now it is worth noting that such involvement of two fathers in the life of a child is very clearly the case in the 21st century adoptions from care.

Additionally, the accounts of adopted people and birth fathers relating to later-life reunions also give pause for greater consideration of what we call the fathers in adoption. Reunions have the effect of making corporeal the father-child relationship between birth fathers and their children. The reunion literature certainly shows a spectrum of views following later-life contact. Thus there are many points along a spectrum of lived paternal-ness from no grounds to be called father to many reasons t to have the title and so what can be suggested is that the role of the father is disrupted and rendered more fluid in adoption.

Such ambiguity is crystallised in disputes and debates over terminologies. Words matter. Yet it remains the case that the vast majority of the literature speaks of birth mothers and fathers and adoptive mothers and fathers. Why not just son? Oh, I see. He visits the names discussion.


Phrases matter too. It is clear from the accounts of the birth fathers we know of that, this is patently not felt to be the case. Furthermore, the accounts of adopted people in the literature convey the obvious appreciation that whilst they have a mother and father, they were not born to them Beauchesne What if this argument were applied to the fathers in adoption? Does it really matter if your son likes the color pink? Is it going to hurt anybody? Do you not see the damage it inflicts to tell a boy that there is something wrong with him because he likes a certain color?

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My father knows the proper way The nation should be run; He tells us children every day Just what should now be done. He knows the way to fix the trusts, He has a simple plan; But if the furnace needs repairs, We have to hire a man. My father, in a day or two Could land big thieves in jail; There's nothing that he cannot do, He knows no word like "fail. All public questions that arise, He settles on the spot; He waits not till the tumult dies, But grabs it while it's hot. In matters of finance he can Tell Congress what to do; But, O, he finds it hard to meet His bills as they fall due.

It almost makes him sick to read The things law-makers say; Why, father's just the man they need, He never goes astray. All wars he'd very quickly end, As fast as I can write it; But when a neighbor starts a fuss, 'Tis mother has to fight it. In conversation father can Do many wondrous things; He's built upon a wiser plan Than presidents or kings.

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