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The sole fact that a decision relating to custody has been given in or is entitled to recognition in the requested State shall not be a ground for refusing to return a child under this Convention, but the judicial or administrative authorities of the requested State may take account of the reasons for that decision in applying this Convention. The provisions of this Chapter do not limit the power of a judicial or administrative authority to order the return of the child at any time.

A decision under this Convention concerning the return of the child shall not be taken to be a determination on the merits of any custody issue. The return of the child under the provisions of Article 12 may be refused if this would not be permitted by the fundamental principles of the requested State relating to the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. An application to make arrangements for organising or securing the effective exercise of rights of access may be presented to the Central Authorities of the Contracting States in the same way as an application for the return of a child.

The Central Authorities are bound by the obligations of co-operation which are set forth in Article 7 to promote the peaceful enjoyment of access rights and the fulfilment of any conditions to which the exercise of those rights may be subject.

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The Central Authorities shall take steps to remove, as far as possible, all obstacles to the exercise of such rights. The Central Authorities, either directly or through intermediaries, may initiate or assist in the institution of proceedings with a view to organising or protecting these rights and securing respect for the conditions to which the exercise of these rights may be subject.

No security, bond or deposit, however described, shall be required to guarantee the payment of costs and expenses in the judicial or administrative proceedings falling within the scope of this Convention. Any application, communication or other document sent to the Central Authority of the requested State shall be in the original language, and shall be accompanied by a translation into the official language or one of the official languages of the requested State or, where that is not feasible, a translation into French or English.

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However, a Contracting State may, by making a reservation in accordance with Article 42, object to the use of either French or English, but not both, in any application, communication or other document sent to its Central Authority. Nationals of the Contracting States and persons who are habitually resident within those States shall be entitled in matters concerned with the application of this Convention to legal aid and advice in any other Contracting State on the same conditions as if they themselves were nationals of and habitually resident in that State. Central Authorities and other public services of Contracting States shall not impose any charges in relation to applications submitted under this Convention.

In particular, they may not require any payment from the applicant towards the costs and expenses of the proceedings or, where applicable, those arising from the participation of legal counsel or advisers. However, they may require the payment of the expenses incurred or to be incurred in implementing the return of the child.

However, a Contracting State may, by making a reservation in accordance with Article 42, declare that it shall not be bound to assume any costs referred to in the preceding paragraph resulting from the participation of legal counsel or advisers or from court proceedings, except insofar as those costs may be covered by its system of legal aid and advice.

Upon ordering the return of a child or issuing an order concerning rights of access under this Convention, the judicial or administrative authorities may, where appropriate, direct the person who removed or retained the child, or who prevented the exercise of rights of access, to pay necessary expenses incurred by or on behalf of the applicant, including travel expenses, any costs incurred or payments made for locating the child, the costs of legal representation of the applicant, and those of returning the child.

Japan-North Korea Relations

When it is manifest that the requirements of this Convention are not fulfilled or that the application is otherwise not well founded, a Central Authority is not bound to accept the application. In that case, the Central Authority shall forthwith inform the applicant or the Central Authority through which the application was submitted, as the case may be, of its reasons.

A Central Authority may require that the application be accompanied by a written authorisation empowering it to act on behalf of the applicant, or to designate a representative so to act. This Convention shall not preclude any person, institution or body who claims that there has been a breach of custody or access rights within the meaning of Article 3 or 21 from applying directly to the judicial or administrative authorities of a Contracting State, whether or not under the provisions of this Convention.

Any application submitted to the Central Authorities or directly to the judicial or administrative authorities of a Contracting State in accordance with the terms of this Convention, together with documents and any other information appended thereto or provided by a Central Authority, shall be admissible in the courts or administrative authorities of the Contracting States.

In relation to a State which in matters of custody of children has two or more systems of law applicable in different territorial units -. In relation to a State which in matters of custody of children has two or more systems of law applicable to different categories of persons, any reference to the law of that State shall be construed as referring to the legal system specified by the law of that State. A State within which different territorial units have their own rules of law in respect of custody of children shall not be bound to apply this Convention where a State with a unified system of law would not be bound to do so.

This Convention shall take priority in matters within its scope over the Convention of 5 October concerning the powers of authorities and the law applicable in respect of the protection of minors , as between Parties to both Conventions. Otherwise the present Convention shall not restrict the application of an international instrument in force between the State of origin and the State addressed or other law of the State addressed for the purposes of obtaining the return of a child who has been wrongfully removed or retained or of organising access rights.

This Convention shall apply as between Contracting States only to wrongful removals or retentions occurring after its entry into force in those States. Have read about everything that he has written.

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This book is as good as it gets. It is a good read for those who like novels with a medical background and mystery and suspense involved. Cook is able to capture our attention very quickly and does not let us go until we have finished. Enjoyed it. May 01, Adri rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: inner earth fans. Shelves: have-read.

Police: Reported Abduction Turns Out To Be Domestic Incident Between Couple

Does Inner Earth exist? This book proposes the possibility that flying saucers are not from outer space but from "primary humans" living in paradise in the Moho layer, between earth's crust and mantle. I feel that's plausible. I've always had that feeling "we are not alone". Aug 25, Meena rated it liked it. Thrilling, quick, silly at times.. I thought it was the best thing i had ever read years back Don't quite think so right now. Apr 09, Debra Scott rated it really liked it.

First half of the book flew by. Kinda a cheesy end but overall a good read. Sep 23, Mike Van In rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Two extremely difficult themes to write about with technical credibility are those of Utopian society and time travel. Robin Cook's novel, Abduction, has the first as a central theme and the time travel tidbit is tersely mentioned in passing, quite late in the story, to prop up its requirement even later.

If you hate spoilers then go straight to the last paragraph.

International Parental Child Abduction | U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Germany

If, like me, you read a little too quickly and actually like to know some of the outline so that you can pay attention to details th Two extremely difficult themes to write about with technical credibility are those of Utopian society and time travel. If, like me, you read a little too quickly and actually like to know some of the outline so that you can pay attention to details the first time around, then this review is for you.

Five individuals are abducted in two separate groups, while involved in underwater operations in a deep-sea research drilling project. These abductees are physically "sanitised" and minimally "tweaked" - including being given rejuvenated hair growth where appropriate! It's a society of universally beautiful people that evolved millions of years ago, living in luxury homes surrounded by lush gardens, with high-tech transport and facilities freely available to all, with a perpetual supply of discrete and non-intrusive bio-mechanical but physically beautiful human-looking servants that appear out of the walls when summoned - to do the labour necessary to support the ongoing comfort of the citizens, all living in various cities established in a paradisaical void between the earth's crust and the mantle below that, which are kept separate by mountainous columns.

Fortunately for the reader, only their names are unfamiliar but remain unimaginative and they speak English some with an American accent, as the American protagonists are relieved to discover and even their signs are in English! The vault above them is artificially engineered to have the appearance of sky and the environment is engineered to have a natural pattern of day and night including bio-luminescent creatures plastered way up there, providing synthetic starlight with programmed showers of rain and gentle breezes. These early or "primary" humans relocated from the earth's surface millions of years ago to escape a cataclysmic meteor bombardment and subsequently lived in these idyllically engineered conditions, already having developed space flight prior to their relocation to "Interterra".

As humans once again evolved on the surface, the primary humans kept these new, "secondary" humans under close observation, gradually distancing themselves as the secondary lot developed technology and posed the capability of detecting such observation. I was pleasantly surprised that the exceedingly comfortable society that Cook creates remained interesting enough to read about. I kept expecting the servants to rebel - but it turned out that they were as reliable and non-human as advertised. Fortunately, the story is very, very light on philosophy and avoids completely my pet peeve of "alien" politics never describe councils, upper-councils, federations, governmental power-plays, stirring speeches and lords of the universe if you want me to keep reading.

I'm a critical technocrat - and all too often accuse alleged science fiction of being non-science and all fantasy - but I am willing to turn a tolerant cheek when an author makes at least some effort to make their technology believable.

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Cook tried - and then just glossed over things when it got too laborious for him. The paste that you eat tastes like your favourite food - somehow. Similarly, your drink will automatically suit your tastes. A hand cream facilitates ecstasy between participants pressing palms together - but palm-pressing is a common practice between the abductees and throngs of curious and enthusiastic citizens of this paradise - and does not replace copulation as the ultimate intimacy.

Unfortunately, the author's lack of technical imagination has led to gaping plot holes which forced multiple contrivances to progress the narrative. For example; A feature of the Utopian technology is that citizens select to undergo a temporary euthanasia when they desire to replace their long-lived-and-still-beautiful-but-wearing-out body - a process which allows them to exist indefinitely, given the available facilities.

  1. Interpretation zu Michael Kohlhaas von Heinrich von Kleist: Die Lutherszene - Analyse und Deutung (Aus der Reihe: stipendiaten-wissen) (German Edition).
  2. Annie Ricketson’s Journal: The Remarkable Voyage of the Only Woman Aboard a Whaling Ship.
  3. Racconti nella Rete 2012 (Italian Edition).
  4. This process includes uploading their consciousness, knowledge and experience into their city's central computer which the author equates to containing a vast collection of large hard drives. When a new body has been bred and grown in-vitro for one, an individual's preserved intellect and personality is effectively "downloaded" into the new host which is ready to accept their "essence" at around the host's physical age and development of four years.

    Our protagonists thus discover that the "children" are such in body only - with none appearing younger than four years old. Another incidental feature is that, prior to being downloaded for re-birth or "emerging", the virtual individuals may communicate from within their storage facility with physical individuals if either party so desires. Yet somehow, and this is supposed to be central to the drama that develops toward the end, they fear death by unnatural causes - because their "essence" will be lost - as if they couldn't simply be download again and simply lose only the experience since their last "backup" copy.

    Incidentally, the question regarding the insertion of a mature mind into a young body as also being a from of abduction is briefly asked - and just as briefly answered, quite reassuringly, you'll be pleased to note. The most annoying contrivance however, was the evidently unnecessary insertion of two oafish and aggressive buffoons in the form of deep-sea divers which do not exhibit any traits of the rather special requirements for that vocation among the abductees.

    An attractive, even alluring, scientist among the two abducted parties was specifically selected to be abducted for gentle questioning to determine if surface humanity posed a threat to the idealised society. Accordingly, she was abducted with two other characters necessarily with her in their deep-sea submersible.