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On a basic level, game designers are supposed to make the games fun. A lead designer is responsible for the overall design vision for the video game and must drive the game design through every phase — concept, presentation, implementation, tuning and release. The lead video game designer must also be able to work with other members of the team to communicate the game vision within the development, production and marketing staff. The lead designer also oversees and assesses work created by other game designers on the project.

Ultimately, the lead video game designer ensures the success, both critically and commercially, of the product. The position requires strong technological ability and artistic vision. As expected, the pay and responsibilities differ according to the specific job functions performed. The video game industry is an explosive one, with a projected growth rate over the next 10 years of In , approximately , people held a position as a video game designer.

A big reason for the increased demand is that consumers continue to expect more realistic and complex video games, particularly in the category of role-playing games.

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Video game manufacturers will depend on the advanced skills of designers to respond to this demand. They will create intricate storylines as well as 2D and 3D graphics and sounds that make people feel as if they are actually in the game and not just playing it. Three similar occupations give them the opportunity to use their strong technical skills or artistic sense in slightly different ways. These include:. They create sketch storyboards to visualize the story from start to finish before beginning their work.

These software programs enable the 3D artist or animator to create realistic characters and movements. Learn more about Animator Careers.

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Approximately 50 percent of people who work in the gaming industry are employed as web developers. The technical coding they create determines the precise movements of characters and other objects. Gaming computer programmers need to be knowledgeable about industry trends and advances in their own profession in order to produce games people will continue to buy.

Learn more about Web Development Careers. Game testers play beta versions of video games to help identify problems before the game goes into mass production.

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Potential problems include having the screen freeze, problems with character movements, and lack of realistic sound effects. Game testers need excellent written communication skills to create detailed reports about their experiences.

However, many of these positions are temporary and do not pay any benefits. In the 21st century the field of animation covers a wide variety of career options. The field is unique; it is dynamic and ever-changing, making it a fluid vocation. It is also one that may require international travel. In this article you will learn: how to maximize yo Some people are born to game. Or create them. Or teach others how to be successful digital artists and video game creators. Mitch Bowler is all three.

From a youngster at 7 years old, Mitch was captivated by the gaming experience.

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He dreamed of becoming a video gaming a Doing what you love and making a living from your art is a goal that is within reach. Here, we offer a few tips to help you get your dreams off the ground. Try these seven strategies to make money as an artist.

An art career cannot happen overnight. Becoming an artist takes dedication, hard work, and a plan. The design process begins by creating the rules and content of the game.


The next steps are to develop graphic and sound as well as the various actions a player could take during the course of the game. From there, students learn how to create responses to each potential action. They also need to decide the requirements to win the game and any time limits. An important part of the formal education process is for students to create a portfolio that demonstrates their best work.

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Those who have created an online game can create a link to it along with a brief description of the purpose and rules. For games with physical components such as a board game and dice, students should plan to take several photographs of the game and describe the development process.

Potential employers and clients are just as interested in seeing the thought process and problem-solving skills of the prospective worker as the actual game itself. Professors at colleges offering video game design degrees should spend considerable time discussing how to prepare a portfolio.

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Although employers and clients want to see that a video game designer has earned a degree, they are often more interested in practical experience. Completing at least one internship while a student is the best way to obtain this experience. While evaluating potential schools that offer video game design degree programs, students should pay special attention to the internship requirements and assistance offered by each one.

In a four-year bachelor degree program, students typically complete an internship in the junior year, senior year, or possibly both. Some schools have established connections with companies in the video game industry that expect to receive inquiries from its students. Other colleges offering video game design leave it more to the student to research and follow-up on local leads. Volunteering is another way to gain experience in this industry and build the portfolio. Many video game manufacturers host large events where they demonstrate new games.

Offering to sit at a table and help answer questions or even handing out programs is a way to connect to the video game industry outside of school. The benefit is that many high-ranking professionals from various companies attend these events and there may be an opportunity to chat with them. The best way to receive notifications of these types of events is to join one or more organizations dedicated to video game design. Some people test the waters in this career by earning an Associate in Video Game Design and Development.

This gives them the opportunity to learn if they enjoy entry-level work and wish to pursue a higher degree. Each level of education offers the potential for greater responsibility and pay on the job. The video game industry is an explosive one, with a projected growth rate over the next 10 years of In , approximately , people held a position as a video game designer. A big reason for the increased demand is that consumers continue to expect more realistic and complex video games, particularly in the category of role-playing games.