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Here are six debt repayment options to consider.

A Debt Repaid

Paying on your own involves assessing your debt, putting together a plan to pay off your debt, and making the plan work. You may have to call your creditors and lenders to work out a payment schedule or to ask for a lower interest rate. How and when you pay off your debt depends on you.

Debt Repaid

Your debt repayment plan will include both your secured and unsecured debt. A credit counseling agency will typically work within your budget to come up with an affordable monthly payment for all your unsecured debt. The credit counseling agency will put you on a debt management plan DMP that usually includes a lower minimum payment for each of your creditors and a lower interest rate. Credit counseling usually takes about three to five years.

Debt Repayment - Credit Counselling Canada

Debt consolidation involves combining all your debts into a single monthly payment. For example, if you have two credit cards, card No.

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This is crucial since it will keep your credit score in good standing. Focus on paying down the debt with the lowest outstanding balance. If card No.

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Choose the method that you find most motivating and put it into action to help reach debt freedom sooner. Would this calculator be useful to your visitors?

You can quickly and easily put the debt repayment calculator on your website by visiting the debt widgets page of our website. This will provide value to your visitors by helping them determine how much they can save with each debt solution. Learn more about the debt relief options in Canada and find out which one is right for you.

9 Ways to Pay Off Debt

Individual results will vary. If you require legal advice, you will need to consult with a licensed attorney. Individual results are highly dependent on successful completion of program and your ability to save money. Results will vary based on individual circumstances.

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Please read and understand all contract terms prior to your enrollment. All testimonials, program descriptions and BBB Accreditation's are related to or provided by our third party affiliates. Names and pictures associated with client testimonials are not real in order to protect the privacy of all clients. Information from third parties is not verified or guaranteed by Debt.

Facebook Twitter Live Support Bars. Your credit counsellor will work with you and your creditors to arrange your debts into one affordable monthly payment that is divided among your creditors. You will determine what you can afford for a payment each month, while still maintaining a reasonable lifestyle.


A system is set up for convenient monthly payments that are fully secure and tracked. Throughout the program you will have the support of your credit counsellor. The program did not only solve our immediate financial problems, but taught us how to budget and plan for the rest of our lives.

2. Snowball your debt payments