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The caption to Ferdinand's image reads:. This wonderful monster to the great greif of his subjects is a King!!!

Pickled Pigs’ Feet and Other Postpartum Treats

At the height of the Pig-faced Lady mania of —15, it was rumoured that Sholto Henry Maclellan, 9th Lord Kirkcudbright had made enquiries about the whereabouts of the Pig-faced Lady of Manchester Square, [56] possibly with a view to becoming one of her suitors. It shows an elegantly dressed Pig-faced Lady dancing with a hunchbacked and extremely short man bearing a strong resemblance to Kirkcudbright. Another popular print, The Wonderful Mrs Atkinson , was published anonymously in around , based on an earlier drawing by George Morland.

This wonderful account was told me by George Simpson who will swear to the truth of it, having heard it on board the Vesuvius Gun Boat, from some Irish Sailors who he says cannot tell lies. The above G. Simpson is my Servant and can tell several curious Stories as good as this all of which he will swear to the truth. Shortly after the London pig-faced lady craze of —15, a similar story began to circulate in Paris. In this version, the woman was "gifted with every accomplishment in the most transcendant [ sic ] degree", and was seeking a man who would love her for her talents despite her appearance.

Unlike the pig-faced woman reports in London, the woman's address was given.

So, now what?

Large crowds gathered in the street outside, and a large number of letters were delivered to the address. She was eventually revealed as a hoax. A young man, his advances rebuffed by a woman, had started the story as a means of revenge. It was reported that the stream of visitors wishing to meet the Pig-faced Lady became so annoying, the young woman in question was forced to move house. In the wake of the Pig-faced Lady scare of —15, exhibits on the subject of pig-faced women became popular at fairs.

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The pig-faced women exhibited at fairs were not genuine. Showmen would drug a bear into a stupor by feeding it large amounts of strong beer, and then shave it.


Shoes would be attached to the bear's hind paws, and stuffed gloves to the front paws. The bear would then be placed in a chair with a hole in the back, and securely tied to the chair. Once the bear was dressed and in the chair, the audience would be allowed into the tent. The showman would tell the audience that the Pig-faced Lady could not speak, but would answer questions put to her, with one grunt for "yes" and two for "no".

The fate of the bear is not recorded. The legend of the pig-faced woman was revived once more in , in Sheridan Le Fanu 's novel Uncle Silas. This lady was neither pig nor maid, And so she was not of human mould; Not of the living nor the dead. Her left hand and foot were warm to touch; Her right as cold as a corpse's flesh!

And she would sing like a funeral bell, with a ding-dong tune. The pigs were afraid, and viewed her aloof; And women feared her and stood afar. She could do without sleep for a year and a day; She could sleep like a corpse, for a month and more. No one knew how this lady fed— On acorns or on flesh. Some say that she's one of the swine-possessed, That swam over the sea of Gennesaret.

A mongrel body and demon soul. Some say she's the wife of the Wandering Jew, And broke the law for the sake of pork; And a swinish face for a token doth bear, That her shame is now, and her punishment coming. While Maud is described in the book as an attractive young woman, not a deformed monster, Uncle Silas is carefully written and plotted, and it is almost certain that Le Fanu explicitly intended a comparison between Maud's situation and the legend of the wealthy woman living in isolation and desired only for her money.

The —15 Pig-faced Lady craze in London and the subsequent hoax in Paris were the last occasions in which the mainstream press reported the existence of pig-faced women as fact. The last significant work to treat the existence of pig-faced women as fact was Ghosts, Helpful and Harmful by ghost hunter and supernatural researcher Elliott O'Donnell , published in The ghost, keeping her face concealed, led "The Rev.

The body, beautifully formed, and gleaming like polished ivory in the moonbeams, resembled that of a woman, but the face was the face of some very grotesque and repulsive animal. The children were still staring at it, in speechless horror, when their father opened the door of his room; and as he did so, the figure slowly faded away and vanished. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

One thinkes to him selfe, so the body bee handsome, though her countenance be never so coarse and ugly, all are alike in the night; and in the day time, put her head but in a blacke bagge, and what difference betwixt her and another woman? Another comforteth him selfe thus: That if shee cannot speake, shee cannot chide; and therefore hee shall be sure not to have a scold to his wife.

This Monster was a Gentlewoman of a good family and fortune, very tall and well-proportioned, of a very fine fair white skin, black hair on her head and eyebrows, but her face perfectly shaped like that of a hog or sow, except that it was not hairy; when she went abroad she covered her face with a large black velvet mask: she had a grunting voise like that of a hog, very disagreeable, but spoke very distinctly: she lived in St. Andrew's Parish in Holborn, London. Address, post paid, to X.

Waiter, There's a Cloven Hoof on My Plate

Ford's, baker, 12 Judd-street, Brunswick-square. Being perfectly aware of the principal particulars, and understanding that a final settlement would be preferred to a temporary one, presumes he would be found to answer to the full extent of their wishes. His intentions are sincere, honourable and firmly resolved. References of great respectability can be given. Address to M. No town called "Wirkham" exists on or near the Rhine.

London: F. The Times Retrieved 27 January Classified advertising. Notes and Queries. London: George Bell: — London: George Bell: Bondeson, Jan Stroud: Tempus Publishing. Burton, William Evans September Burton's Gentleman's Magazine. Chambers, Robert 17 August Chambers's Edinburgh Journal. Edinburgh: William Chambers Chambers, Robert The Book of Days.

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