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For the last question, a numerical question about the average American family was asked. Each family had ten seconds to write down their answer. After this round, the family with the most money won the game, an extra prize, and moved on to the bonus round. If there was a tie at the end of the game, a second numerical question was asked with the same rules. The bonus round was played for a family vacation.

Family Secrets

Up to five trivia questions would be asked of the winning team. Before each question, Eubanks would give the child the category of the question and have them decide whether mom or dad would answer it. If the team gave three wrong answers, the round ended with a loss, but if they gave three correct answers they won the trip.

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During the series' run, controversy arose when one team competing on the show turned out not to be a real family. Identifying themselves as the Hansen family, the team actually consisted of a father, his year-old daughter, and his live-in girlfriend who posed as the daughter's mother.

She contacted NBC and Dave Bell Associates, the series' packagers, to get the episode pulled before its intended May 27, broadcast date. Officials at both companies agreed to pull the episode and replace it with a rerun. The father and his girlfriend married on June 11, , the same date of the series finale. The daughter was awarded her prizes a camera and a CD player , but the family was not awarded the family cruise or their cash.


Family Secrets

The series was cancelled after 12 weeks not only because of low ratings, but also because not enough contestants were meeting eligibility requirements. The series was replaced with Caesars Challenge. It's so bizarre. Her parents never talked about it while she was growing up, but her mother always cried whenever she was brought up.

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After her father died, her mother, in old age, would speak of baby K. The way she spoke of the baby made it pretty clear that she was dead.

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We think he killed the baby out of anger and spite. At the time, a woman having a man over was scandalous, so all of her neighbors thought she was a whore, and her reputation was ruined. Still, she lived through the whole war and helped a lot of people!

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Spencer Althouse. Paramount Pictures. Disney Channel.

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