Manual Géopolitique de lArctique nord-américain : enjeux et pouvoirs (Inter-National) (French Edition)

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Languages of seminar and publications : English and Spanish. Paper: 2,, words; abstract words by September Style- format: Policy paper, based on solid facts and evidence, with moderate documentation, centered on analysis and recommendations. A selection of the papers may be published in a collective volume, with an on-line first edition, to be co-distributed by the Argentine Council of Foreign Relations CARI and other cooperative think-tanks. Financial assistance available. For information, contact ASAP:. The EU has entered a critical phase of its history.

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A range of internal and external challenges confront the Union in ways and to an extent inconceivable in the past. The resilience of democratic norms in the face of populist movements and economic uncertainty, migration, terrorism and radicalisation and the decision of the United Kingdom to leave are just some of the challenges facing the EU. Many of these issues are closely interlinked with global developments.

In view of this difficult environment, will the EU be able to protect its citizens while also projecting its values into the world? Topics may include, but are not limited to:. EUIA18 encourages a collaborative approach to research so panel proposals are particularly welcome. The selection will take place in a blind peer review process, with each submission evaluated by three reviewers.

Tensions with Russia following the Ukraine crisis have led the European Union to take steps aimed at reducing its energy dependence on Moscow, particularly in the field of natural gas. Together with the launch of a European Energy Security Strategy and the plan to create an Energy Union, the EU has revitalized existing import diversification plans. The EU has also engaged in an active energy diplomacy to advance the project. However, the implementation of the SGC confronts the Union with a broad range of complexities. Brussels faces geopolitical competition from Moscow for access to Caspian resources; Russia is pushing forward the Turkish Stream project, which aims at supplying the same countries as the SGC.

This competition has important security and political ramifications, which may increase volatility in the Black Sea region and ultimately undermine EU energy security. Moreover, EU energy diplomacy in support of the SGC involves partnerships with Caucasian and Central Asian autocracies such as Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan , which questions the Union's declared commitment to human rights and the rule of law in the region.

The paper tracks the key developments in the EU's energy diplomacy supporting the SGC and examines its main challenges from a normative and geopolitical perspective.

2018 : à la conquête de l'Arctique

On the other hand, the Union's pursuit of partnerships with Caspian autocracies undermines its normative goals and creates new energy dependencies on authoritarian regimes. Un desafio estrategico para la Union Europea". Qu'en est-il? Participants will be accommodated in the Pristina area, the largest city in Kosovo, with a population of over ,.

Power, democracy, globalization, Europe's influence on global governance, migration crisis, human rights, cybercriminality, conflicts These topics are on national and international news every day.

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This new Masters aims at providing advanced knowledge, tools and methods to analyze and decypher all aspects of local and global politics: evolution, stakes, political actors and degrees of interaction, levels of decison making The purpose of this new programme is to better understand how our institutions work and the complexity of today's world in all its many aspects.

The range of masters programmes offered by the Department of Political science is comprehensive. From now on, students also have to opportunity to enroll into a credit programme in English! This is a chance for French-speaking students to become bilingual and to enhance their skills at an international level and for international students to have access to a high-quality programme taught in English!

Lectures, group work and plenary discussions alternate with debates, student presentations and presentations by renowned external speakers The goal is to diversify learning activities, promote interactivity, develop critical thinking and to meet everyone's expectations. This thesis will be written and presented publicly in English. Important: Completion of extra credits may be required for some students. In that case, supplementary classes will also be taught in English! The English programme also prepares students for international careers diplomacy, lobbying, international organizations, NGOs, political journalism The dismantling of the Soviet bloc led to a period of political and economic dominance for the United States and its allies.

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century a number of regional powers and associations have arisen which, while not challenging the structure of the international system, have sought greater recognition. China and Russia are leading members of these new regional groups. And particularly the relationships of China to other countries within each region of which they are members and between various overlapping regional associations.

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It is organised under the auspices of the Confucius Institute at Leiden University. Attendance will be free of charge, but we need to plan refreshments, please register by sending email directly to guichang sdu. Como fuere, analistas consultados por DW aconsejan prudencia. Su discurso que implica la amenaza de la ruptura de los puentes tendidos hacia Cuba, preocupa.

E igual que el presidente Obama no ha podido hacer lo que ha querido, Donald Trump probablemente tampoco", agrega. Fidel Castro est mort vendredi soir. Quelle est la nature et quels sont les enjeux de ce s mouvement s? Comment l'expliquer? Comment fonctionnent et s'adaptent t'ils? Comment expliquer ces nouvelles situations de crise?

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PDF - Trexit or Trenegotiation? Marley Weiss University of Maryland, Law. Accords commerciaux et clauses sociales.

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Vers une convergence globale? Impact des relations transatlantiques sur les ressources naturelles. D'autant qu'un certain nombre de partis populistes et europhobes, qui ont le vent en poupe en Europe, se sentent proches de Trump. Si Trump ne compte pas appuyer directement les populismes en Europe, sa victoire risque de les inspirer davantage.

Pourront-ils le faire? That is the question! Mais pas seulement. Il ne veut pas la confrontation. Pour le professeur Santander, il faut cependant rester prudent. Il y aura donc des garde-fous. Trump ne fera pas ce qu'il veut". At the end of this second term, the American president Barack Obama has been subjected to a lot of criticism based on his foreign policy record.

Arctique : Les dessous géopolitiques de la protection de l'ours polaire

As well as being accused of not having a clear political doctrine by comparison with his predecessor George W. Bush, Obama has also been held single-handedly responsible for the decline of American power and leadership in the world. While his record can indeed be said to be a mixed bag, his foreign policy deserves to be judged objectively and not subjected to mere ridicule.

To read the full interview, please click on the following link :. Cet instrument se focalise sur l'excellence, tant du chercheur que du projet. Toutes les informations sont disponibles via le document en annexe et via la page officielle de l'appel. All information needed are present in the attached document and on the official website of the call.

The deadline for this call is the 9th of February, 17 Brussels Local Time. The attached file gather all practical information concerning this call. Dans quel contexte est-elle apparue?


Or, c'est un instrument important mais non suffisant. Dans les faits, cette Convention semble surtout concerner le secteur de l'audiovisuel. Prenons Netflix. Mais on sait aujourd'hui que c'est faux. On voit pourtant que cet argument revient. Tous les diffuseurs doivent contribuer. Idem pour la France. Fausse impression?