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The Blue Sky 5.

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And You Tell Me 8. Love is Reason 9. I Dream Myself Alive Analogue Foot of the Mountain The Swing of Things Crying in the Rain Sycamore Leaves Digital River Scoundrel Days The Living Daylights. Not even one t-shirt with a current band photo. There is a tour programme, but it reportedly only contains photos by Just Loomis from the 80s and the tour credits. It can be streamed or downloaded here.

Or you can support this fansite by ordering through the Amazon links on the right. The Norwegian Salvation Army has also posted a video clip in connection with the song being released as a Christmas single in Norway. Listen here at He also talked with The Industry Observer in Australia.

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Aditionally, a long interview in French appeared in Rolling Stone France. The official site has announced the world premiere of the documentary film a-ha — The Movie , directed by Thomas Robsahm and Aslaug Holm, which will take place at Colosseum Cinema in Oslo on 26 November The main auditorium at Colosseum has a capacity of people. They have also filmed other events, such as the Savoy concert and signing in Oslo last year.

I want more people to discover their music! He also talked about what the audience can expect from the film in a recent interview with Variety. This was quickly followed by Musterhaus No. It was announced on the band's website that it would be undertaking a "small mostly UK tour" in April , but playing in Hannover on April 22 beforehand. A new commercial album was made available later in the year, [9] the first release since 's Perpetuum Mobile. The new album, Alles wieder offen " All open again " , was released in [1] without the backing of a label, a move the band had intended to make with Perpetuum Mobile.

Fans who were part of the paid EN community at neubauten. The band also filmed a video for "Nagorny Karabach". An American leg was also planned, but on November 29, the band announced the cancellation of all U. Silence Is Sexy was reissued on July 1, In May , the band announced on their official website that it was back in the studio working on new material. It also announced dates for live shows to be held in November The album Lament was released on 7 November. In November , the band announced on their official website that it would release a new studio album in called The Year of the Rat , along with an accompnying tour.

The band name is usually translated into English as "Collapsing New Buildings". Neubauten "new buildings" in English is a general term referring to buildings constructed in Germany after These are often regarded as cheaper, flimsier, and less aesthetically attractive than Altbauten , or pre, especially pre- modernist buildings. Due to the extensive destruction throughout Germany during the Second World War , and the extensive rebuilding thereafter, Neubauten constitute a very familiar element of German cities.

The band's name attracted unexpected attention when on 21 May , not two months after the band's forming, the roof of the Berlin Congress Hall famously collapsed, killing one person and injuring many. The resulting media attention surrounding the collapse of the German-American icon gave the meaning of their name a new dimension. It was not created by or for the band, but is a cave drawing of probably Toltec or Olmec origin, though its provenance has also been attributed to the much older sacred ring at Stonehenge. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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