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Merlin can see that either they will succeed or he may die, killed by the power of the Dark One. That may be a great temptation and obstacle, unless they can take it on together. If not, then Emma could succumb to the darkness.


No pressure. Emma readies herself for their adventure, saying goodbye to Hook.

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Hook before going off on a death-defying mission that could taint your very soul? Merlin was on a quest before for the Holy Grail and the fire of Prometheus. He wanted to reshape the Holy Grail -- even melt it down -- into a sword that he could use to cut away his immortality so that he could be with Nimue and live out his days. It has been razed, but cups and goblets, golden and not, litter the ground. Nimue has the Grail with her, hidden. But someone went through the whole village to find it.

Meanwhile, in Camelot, Merlin and Emma are on the fire quest. He reassures her that there is hope, but that they will have to face a great evil that could tempt her. The hero squad needs to get Excalibur away from Camelot. Desperate to do so, they actually listen to Zelena, who seemingly has a plan.

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She never actually left because of the bracelet and a huge metal gate blocking the way. The heroes journey forth, leaving Zelena and Mary Margaret behind. Zelena and Mary Margaret have a chat, with Zelena talking up her rivalry with Regina, trying to garner some sympathy from Snow. Zelena is, of course, faking pain, both physical and emotional. When Snow shows the slightest compassionate concern -- bam! Zelena kicks her hard and ties her up.

In the far past, Merlin use the fire of the first man to forge Excalibur by melting and reshaping the Holy Grail! Love the mixing of genres in this world! The first Dark One seems to appear, the one who had been searching for the Grail. He grabs Nimue, and she fights him off, then he stabs and kills Nimue. Curiously, no magic involved. In Camelot, years in the future, Merlin and Emma have reached to point where the fires should be. Merlin needs Emma to summon the first Dark One, who holds the power of the eternal flame of Prometheus. How did..?

‘Once Upon a Time’ recap: the origins of Merlin, Excalibur and the Dark One

Splain please Her being stabbed by that guy we thought was the Dark One was nothing. She came back from it, and as he is about to kill Merlin, she takes his heart.

Merlin tries to stop her from killing him, knowing that killing magically with the power of life and immortality that she now has, will turn her soul dark. She becomes the first Dark One. Her first act? After landing on Verge, the team made their way past fortified anti-aircraft emplacements to the city, where the Beacon was situated. In a skyscraper, they observed a large swarm of Yanme'e , overseen by Kig-Yar and Mgalekgolo guards at the Beacon.

Roma then found an injured, apparently non-hostile Yanme'e. The Drone, nicknamed " Hopalong ," told them of an alternate, hidden route to the Beacon. While Margaret and the rest of the team were suspicious, they decided to trust the Yanme'e. In the next morning, the team proceeded to move to the Beacon through the tunnels. The Spartans eventually reached a large cavern near the Beacon and parted ways, each heading for one of the Beacon's four anti-gravity pylons. After a ten-minute countdown was up, One ordered the rest of the team to engage the guards near the pylons and place their C charges on them.

Meanwhile, Hopalong had acquired a Covenant device which it used to free the rest of the Yanme'e. It was then revealed that Hopalong had tricked the Spartans: the Yanme'e, who now started attacking the Spartans and the Covenant, were actually psychopathic prisoners incapable of normal socialization with the rest of their kind. One ordered the team to return to the rally point at the tunnel entrance, but Two discovered a better means of escape: an intact underground train.

They decided to head to the train, but not before Two, against One's orders, went to rescue an injured Otto while One and Four regrouped at the train. While on their way to the train, Two also detonated the charges on the Beacon, destroying it. Everyone managed to get onboard and they escaped the city as the tunnels caved in under the collapsing Beacon, and headed to a Pelican dropship for exfiltration. Before the ship could reach its destination, however, it was shot down and crashed on an unidentified moon. The ship's AI, Iona woke the Spartans from their slumber. Roma was then assigned to remain on the Long Time Coming to drop a Slipbeacon while the rest of team moved outside to investigate a nearby structure that appeared to contain breathable atmosphere.

Unfortunately, they were ambushed by a group of Covenant, who had also been shot down on the moon. Upon arrival, a Forerunner Monitor , Ebullient Prism , greeted them and stated that he was going to dissect all of them to find out if any of them were immune to the Flood. Luckily, Margaret was able to free herself and an Elite named Reff 'Talamee by using her helmet to deflect a laser at one of her ammo magazines lodged in one of the Gatherers.

She then grabbed the robot's weapon to use against Ebullient Prism. Once they had avoided and blinded the Monitor, the two discovered the Installation's central control center. Accessing the console, One learned that a Covenant Fleet was in proximity to the moon.

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She tried to contact the rest of her team but Otto and Victor were engaged in a brawl, having been manipulated by Prism into fighting each other. One was slammed into the console by a Hunter and knocked out. Reff tried defending to his brother Thon that the Spartan saved him. Thon snapped that he honored the truce he made with the Spartans only to rescue him.

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