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Let me give you some pointers here which will help you on this religious journey. First time with my wife when we went for Hajj; second time when I took my son with me for Umrah when he was 8 and the third time all of us went together for Umrah: my wife, our two kids then 9 and 10yrs.

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So I can see the trip from different angles. Clock Tower is a vast complex. Movenpick and Pullman Zamzam are closer than Fairmont and Raffles is at the lower floors in Safa complex meaning quickest walk. So give yourself at least 20 minutes to join the Salah after stepping out your room; I would get out of my room a half hour before Salah to be on a safer side. If you wish to offer Salah in the mosque and not just anywhere in the premises of the Haram, meaning with the Ka'ba in your view, then make sure you start walking to the Haram at least 30 minutes before Salah.

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Figure out at least 15 minutes from the main gate of the Haram to inside the mosque. Cell phones and SIMs can be bought right in the mall of the tower. If not there, then suggest your family members in case they get apart, go to the hotel room and wait there. Security staff can direct you to this place. For Cell phones, place a tape on its backside, write down your number, the hotel number and your first name so in case you forget your number you can access it quickly, and also if you lose your phone it can be returned to you.

If your phones have option for speed-dialing then please assign the digits to each of the family members to save time.

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You can buy a cheap phone that works in Saudi Arabia; mostly they have Nokia basic phones. I bought mine for Riyals in You certainly want to feel good during this trip. Most people would do their rituals during night in summer. Again there is a time slot somewhere between 3 AM to about an hour before Fajr when the crowd can be comparatively smaller.

Stop on the side and ask for forgiveness and forgiveness of the Ummah right there. Ask your Rabb for whatever you wish for. That thought tightened a knot in my throat; I felt like choking! The feeling of fear was there as if I was being presented in front of my biggest ever Boss; a feeling of fear together with a feeling of security; a feeling of guilt and a feeling of being loved to the nth degree.

This feeling of love was unmatched. All sorts of mixed feelings I had. My heart throbbed as if it would come out of my rib cage. A violent beat of heart is not the expression. A violent beat or the beat when you meet your first love for the first time? Or the beat of guilt?

Or the beat of profound happiness? Or my heart had no relationship to me but only to Allah and wanted to prostrate before Him! Tears ran out of my eyes and once they started flowing I felt so very good as if all my troubles were flowing out in the form of my tears. Tears kept flowing and more I wept better I felt. A time came my tears dried out, my prayers exhausted…I had no more prayers!