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Rated 5. In this first book of the Kitty Castle adventure series, the princes and princesses learn the secret of the night cats. With the help of their own night cat, the children must stop the dragons from ruining the kingdom. Download: epub mobi Kindle pdf more Online Reader rtf lrf pdb txt. Price: Free!

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About Celesta Thiessen. Also in Series: Kitty Castle.

Nightcat (Kitty Castle, #1) by Celesta Thiessen

Also by Celesta Thiessen. Readers of This Book Also Read. MidnightRose reviewed on on Jan. Everyday she loads them onto her truck to sell to the greengrocer—until one morning, when she finds half her cabbages gone. She sits up all night to guard them; instead she falls asleep and catches a cold. That's when Fluff and Gordo, her two cats, take action.

When Elsie gets up to make cabbage soup to soothe her throat, she finds all the ingredients on her doorstep. As the soup simmers, the cabbage-eating culprits—rabbits, of course—pile up outside her window and she invites them in for soup. When Elsie plants more cabbages, the cats make sure the rabbits help this time even adding a little fertilizer. The charming soft-toned and -shaped watercolors enhance this subtle twist on a familiar plot.

Adults may recognize the plump cats and Elsie's images from her greeting cards. A clever story about cultivation, in more ways than one. The most controversial children's picture book in history is richly resurrected with truly sumptuous illustrations in a gorgeous oversized format. Bing retains Bannerman's original text and names, but replaces the stereotypical characteristics with a handsome, tawny-skinned Sambo, and dresses Black Mumbo in a sari and Black Jumbo in a turban.

In a note on the front endpapers, Bing relates how he worked for 20 years to illustrate his favorite childhood story. Amid the beautiful, etched-line textures, sun-kissed colors, and lush greenery, the magnificent tigers not only steal Sambo's clothes but also steal the visual show. Fascinating focal points create dramatic perspectives a tiger viewed between Sambo's knees and cinematic close-ups. The bordered spreads appear as if on parchment and end-page collages intriguingly display old postcards, maps, and items of the times. A lengthy note by the publisher on the story's history and publication provides important context.

Stories For Kids - Crocodile Hiding in Kids Book Read Aloud - Animated Cartoon Game

Exceptional in every detail: a classic story respectfully revitalized to a new grandeur—one it deserves. Simply superb. Having delighted fans in a series of easy readers, these bovine buddies and their barnyard coterie gracefully leap to a longer format. Panicked by a chance-heard comment that makes her think the farm's about to be sold, Moo rejects Minnie's calming wisdom—"Thinking leads to sleepless nights, heartache, and torpid bowels"—sweeping her along into a grand scheme to raise money through tours of the farm's wonders.

What wonders are those? Leave that to the enterprising Moo, who is soon leading a gaggle of credulous livestock wealthy zoo volunteers to a nest of baby rocks, a UFO's hubcap, and like "marvels. Liberally illustrated with rural scenes of the tubby, but nattily dressed tour guides and their all-too-easily-distracted customers, this cheerfully silly ramble ends with a wild double twist—and strong evidence that we haven't seen the last of Minnie and Moo.

Good news indeed. The line-master is back. When Olivia's beloved stuffed toy disappears, the hunt proceeds in typical fashion as she falsely accuses her brothers and searches her house on a "dark and stormy night.

20 Books for Cat-Loving Kids

Never one to hold a grudge, she repairs the toy and forgives the offending pooch, who at book's end lies cuddled beside her in bed. This contains elements Falconer's readers love: endpapers that add a cunning fillip Olivia's relationship with her toy , velvety monochromatic palette with accents of red and in this entry green, incisive characterization rendered with minimal line the subtlest change in mother's expressions , photographic homage to a feminist icon Martha Graham , adroit gatefold revealing canine criminal , happy ending, and above all the ironic contrast established between subtle nuance and Olivia's over-the-top personality.

Containing more full-bleed illustrations and less white space, it may not seem as elegantly designed. Yet what it sacrifices in design it gains in a more fully developed plot. The heightened atmosphere and melodrama suit Olivia just perfectly.

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This tale of an ordinary sheep with a soaring secret dream earns top marks for humor and child appeal. Though seemingly content with the sheeply pleasures of eating grass, eating grass, sleeping, and eating grass, Wendy Woolcoat confesses to a fairy that she dreams of "flying through the moonlit sky. Sim sends his blocky aeronaut soaring exuberantly over patchwork, painted landscapes, through night skies aglitter with stars and spacecraft. Next morning, the wings may be gone, but the crown remains. Destined to be a champion read-aloud, and a surefire way to give young listeners wings of their own.

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  6. Bushels of interpretations of this Bible story exist, from humorous spins to wooden stylized images to an endangered animals slant, but Brett applies her familiar, appealing style and creates a child-friendly, beautifully crafted version. Told by the granddaughter of Noah, the girl brings her pet dove and keeps peace on the ark among the animals. Brett's signature framed and bordered scenes depict the multitude of creatures with sidebars of animal-shaped insets depicting close-ups of assorted animal behavior. Overflowing pages convey the sense of crowding as inventive perspectives capture animal traits. A trip to Africa inspired Brett to create the borders of papyrus paper. Only the flap copy identifies the gender of the child, who could be either boy or girl in the pictures.

    That aside, the voice of the granddaughter humanizes the story. Striking in its simplicity of telling, the watercolor and gouache artwork of birds, insects, and mammals breathes life into this apocryphal tale. Dear reader, light your lamp and listen to the tale of Despereaux, the last mouse born of Antoinette. Born with his eyes open and ears much too large, Despereaux seems destined for early death.

    A true Renaissance mouse, he can hear honey, read words, and appreciate fine music. But he cannot conform to the strictures of the mouse world. Rodents and humans don't mix, yet he falls in love with the Princess Pea, earning the wrath of all the mice in the castle. The melodramatic voice of the narrator glides through DiCamillo's entirely pleasing tale, at times addressing the reader directly, at others, moving the reader back and forward in time. Never does she abandon the reader in the dungeon with Despereaux, the dark-hearted rats, or the guard and fellow inmate, Gregory.

    And so unwinds a tale with twists and turns, full of forbidden soup and ladles, rats lusting for mouse blood, a servant who wishes to be a princess, a knight in shining—or, at least, furry—armor, and all the ingredients of an old-fashioned drama. Each turn of the page will bring fresh waves of giggles as a young worm records one misadventure after another.