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The results showed a significant correlation between human and dog cortisol levels across the year. In 57 of the dogs in summer and 55 in winter, cortisol levels matched those of their owners.

This pet is a real bear

This correlation was not influenced by dog activity levels or dog personality. It was, however, influenced by owner personality. Owners with higher stress levels tended to have dogs with higher stress levels too.

"Pets" That Turned Out to Be Wild Animals | Reader's Digest

Previous studies have shown that female dogs as well as rats and chimpanzees are more emotionally responsive than males. A limiting factor to the new study was that it did not identify any causes of elevated stress in the dog owners. But what it does show is that regardless of the cause of the stress, our reaction to it impacts our dogs. This relationship, developed over 15, years , is unique in the animal world.

The Benefits of Pets for Human Health

There is evidence to suggest dogs evolved alongside us and consequently are in tune with our emotions and bond with us through eye contact. We know that failing to providing basic care like food and shelter is cruel, but we often overlook how disregarding the mental lives of our pets can also negatively impact their welfare. Dogs are sentient animals. What could have turned into a very sad story had a happy ending.

News 4 San Antonio reported that a pet owner dropped a dog off at a kill shelter because he was getting too big.

Do dogs go to heaven?

When his DNA was tested, it revealed he is actually Fortunately, Shy Wolf Sanctuary swooped in to take care of the fella and he left the kill shelter unscathed. Try your hand at guessing dog breeds based off of one photo. Originally Published on sitename. Reader Interactions. Skip links Skip to content Skip to footer. Share on Facebook.

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Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Seema Mattoo. Pets were always good companions for single folks, however, recent research shows they also might be the next best thing for men to find a soulmate.

A recent international study says that women are more attracted to guys who have pets. We find out if this holds true for people in the city Pets were always good companions for single folks, however, recent research shows they also might be the next best thing for men to find a soulmate.

The Mysterious Nigerian Men Who Tame Wild Beasts

According to an international study, there are indications that owning a dog or a cat can signal to a potential partner that you possess caregiving abilities. Dr Deepak Jumani, sexual health physician and counsellor says, "The sensitivity of a person is personified by his actions. Apart from physical attributes, a woman is drawn to a man due to his emotional traits like caring, compassion, concern for all, so it is true that a woman will find a man to be more attractive when he is seen to be caring and empathetic to his pets.

She immediately relates it to how caring he will be with his life partner. Women tend to think of men as unorganised but when they see them with pets, they take it as a symbol of being kind, considerate and disciplined.

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Says financial adviser Kim Narang, "I was not so much into pets but when I met my current boyfriend who owns a dog, I changed my opinion. I was amazed by the way he patiently handled Bruno and all the attention and love he showered on him. I don't know about the survey, but women are definitely an emotional lot and seeing someone being wonderful to animals would tug at their heartstrings.

Youngsters seem to be aware of this, as management student Rohan Shah says, "I genuinely love animals and always had a dog for company. The trick is to take the dog for a walk in the park when you know girls will be around. I have seen girls gushing over pets, especially dogs, and have often used my dog as a 'date bait'. I have trained him to be friendly to all so it helps, and I normally visit pet-friendly outlets where one can possibly get a date.