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Poisons must be ingested, inhaled or absorbed through the skin, whilst venom must be injected into the bloodstream. Humans are larger, generally faster and stronger than Australian snakes. Snakes have a number of predators, of which humans well and truly qualify. When you encounter a snake it is usually caught off guard as you are , but the vast majority of encounters are avoided by a snake vanishing as soon as it hears you coming.

A surprised snake will pick the nearest escape route and aim to disappear as quickly as possible, particularly when faced with a potential predator 50 times its own size. If a snake feels cornered, it will often stand and defend itself as a last resort. Snake behaviour can also become more erratic in spring during the breeding season, and females become more defensive if eggs or young are nearby. However, the vast majority of bites to humans in Australia occur because someone decided not to leave a snake alone.

A highly flexible ligament joins the bones of the lower jaw, which stretch to allow enormous expansion of the mouth. So the mechanism is not dislocation, just great flexibility.

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Pythons asphyxiate their prey by squeezing them: Recent research has shown that technically pythons kill their prey by preventing blood circulation, not breathing. A constricting snake quickly stops the heart of its prey, and breathing fails soon afterwards. Got a question about snakes? Ask us! Cook The Lady from the Sea trans.

Eldridge The Lady from the Sea trans. McGuinness The Lady from the Sea trans.

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Greer, Wilmott Lysistrata trans. Dickinson Lysistrata trans.

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McLeish M M. Harrower Mary Stuart trans. Lochhead Medea trans. Brenton Miss Julie trans. Eldridge Miss Julie trans.

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McGuinness Miss Julie trans. Berkoff Oedipus at Kolonos trans. Wertenbaker audio Oedipus the King Oedipus trans.

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McGuinness Oedipus Tyrannos trans. Meyer Pillars of the Community trans. Hampton The Seagull trans. They are small. My name is Sammy. I am small. You are very big. What are you doing? I am playing and singing. I am singing a song.

Do you want to sing about the body with me? OR you can divide the class into several sections. They go to their backpacks, and each takes out a book. They go back to their chairs and sit quietly, and begin to read. They put on coats, and go outside. Every snowflake has SIX sides….. The family is getting up. Mother is getting breakfast ready. Father is seated, with a cup of coffee. The two girls enter the kitchen in their pajamas. There is snow everywhere!!!!

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The trees are covered with snow. They make a BIG snowman. You will like the song. Mother, sing it with me, please.


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She was a friendly bug. Children played with Loretta, watching her crawl up and down their arms. Loretta is walking in the park. She is curious. She sees a brown worm. When I swim, they try to catch me. Little children hold me too tightly. It hurts me and bends my feathers. She did not want to be with the ducks.

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Loretta wanted to be with the children. She loved to crawl near the children. She loved to have the children talk to her…. Look at Loretta. Loretta, you are so cute! Everyone wants to be loved, even Loretta. The shark is far from them, but he is getting closer. I love eating baby fish. I am all alone.