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Edit Artist. He was also a member of 'The Ears' upon which the infamous 'Dogs in Space' film was based. He also became more active in production doing an album for Australia's Joe Creighton.

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Reviews Add Review. Australian Electronic Music Personalities by stub Dj's I've herd playing technorave or other disco dancing styles. Psychedelia Musicians by LocksOfEden. Psytrance artists I have seen live by sidetrakkt.

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Favorite Artists by gurutrance. Videos 49 Edit. But this can also happen when a Spanish word has ne exact equal in English.


Language is so beautiful! I think that part of the power of these s-sounds is how they evoke the image of a snake.

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Not only that, but the dramatic movement of the tongue necessary to form an L recreates how a snake might move its tongue. Double whammy. I can spend hours on etymology…. Great fun as always, Valerie. Funny and clever too, in other words, this was a grand slam. Some of my favorites are slack, slake, sloop, slop. I dunno, these words can be quite addictive all strong together like popcorn on a string. Much enjoying your series. Click here to cancel reply. En En De Fr.

nttsystem.xsrv.jp/libraries/75/wyfuj-kann-man.php January 22, by Valerie in Blog. Slob slobber slut slovenly slime sleeze sloppy slurp slippery slug slush When you come to think about it, this is strangely fascinating. That feels different: surely it belongs with crash, smash, bash, mash, trash, lash, gash, gnash… This is seriously fascinating.

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Googling now… Got it. The Reverend Obadiah Slope. There you go. Obadiah Slope.