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Although narrative more than poetry moves around what Aristotle recognised as the three constitutive parts of a work — beginning, mid- dle and end —, poems too raise expectations in the reader, who may at least have the sensation of having read a perfect, complete form, and the desire to find its poetic end. This issue of ending is crucial, because it involves the question of how reality and human feelings are represented in literature. Later I shall be asking whether, when tick-tock seems altogether too easily fictional, we do not produce plots containing a good deal of tock- tick; such a plot is that of Ulysses.

Storie proprio così

In relation to socio- historical contingences, the tendency to invert order, the tendency to meaninglessness appears in every form of art, in opposition to the ten- dency to minimise ambiguity typical of linear narratives, as in the Bi- ble, which starts with Genesis and finishes with the Book of Revelation. Only the end can finally determine the meaning of a work, as it is true of any sentence, which needs a grammatically exact structure.

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Multiple beginnings and endings with changeable, uncentred middles open new critical models for hypertexts. There can be no final version, no last thought.

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There is always a new view, a new idea, a reinterpreta- tion. And literature, which we propose to electronify, is a system for preserving continuity in the face of this fact. An open-ended and expandable text can give a sense of incompleteness that menaces us, but can also be the expression of other kinds of desires. The aim becomes not reaching the end but only one of the possible endings, just as with the new sophisticated videogames that are so popular nowadays.

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Lost in the labyrinth of more or less secret pages and ephemeral moments, the reader must face a different sense of an ending: one that depends on personal choice. The reader will either be finally reassured about the coherence of the text, and happy with the harmony found in a sort of circular emotional work, or will be excited by the strangeness and anomalous shape in whose depth curiosity can wander.

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This is the strength of electronic literature, what makes it different from printed literature, and maybe complementary to it. The particular characteristics of the system created by time and space in electronic literature set up a relationship with the act of read- ing that triggers an interesting short-circuit. Hypertexts generate many different possible readings thanks to the changing and shifting links which move in hyperspace. The reader is called on to decide which route to follow, which path to enter, and in which order. A pleasure that no sense of an ending, or its absence, can ever smother.

George P. Paul Delany - George P. Delany, Paul — Landow, George P. Finneran, Richard J. Ganutlett, David - Horsley, Ross eds. Hayles, N. Landow, George P. McGann, Jerome J. Morris, Pam ed. Nelson, Theodor H. I suoi interessi di ricerca sono la letteratura inglese e comparata, soprattutto dei secoli XIX e XX. Si de- dica a traduzione e scrittura creativa, sia in italiano che in inglese, e ha pubblicato saggi in ambito anglo-americano e giapponese, traduzioni, poesie e racconti.

Tra le sue pubblicazioni, le monografie Walk in Pro- gress. This goal is based on the production costs for this limited editions book. Once the Kickstarter completes, books will be printed, bound, signed with your name depending on the perk requested and then sent to you. We expect the books to be delivered by mid December so that you can make amazing Christmas and year-end gifts, for you and your friends. The book will be produced in Italy and sent worldwide from Italy.

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    Storie proprio così

    His first book of stories, "Plain Tales from the Hills" was published in This book was published in , and he had published quite …more No, indeed. This book was published in , and he had published quite a lot in between. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. Sort order. Readers also enjoyed. Short Stories. About Rudyard Kipling. Rudyard Kipling. Joseph Rudyard Kipling was a journalist, short-story writer, poet, and novelist.