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Working to earn money to travel can be just as rewarding. What did you learn or achieve during your own gap year that has helped you in life? Learning a language is really liberating and useful. Ultimately my gap year gave me the knowledge, experience and inspiration to write a comedy sketch that went viral, which then got me a book deal. Also, having taken a break from education to travel gave me a more mature outlook on life when I eventually got to university. At CRF we encourage gap year travellers to research their journey and their destination before they go.

How much research did you do? I was pick-pocketed but I also know that this could happen in London. Trouble when travelling is always the exception rather than the rule. God knows that will inspire!

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Big thanks to Matt Lacey and Rich Lett at www. A Gap Year with Gap Yah? Where did the idea for Orlando come from Matt? You did a gap year yourself, how much did this inspire the sketch? Do you recommend taking a gap year? A lot of it is written in that Lonely Planet style. Yeah check out this!

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I did quite literally say it; when I was writing it I would read it back to myself in the voice just to make sure it all flowed. Well no one can afford to go on a gap yah this year what with the student fee rise…but this is the next best thing!

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Yes I had to take a gap yah. Most of it I spent in Ireland working in a Chinese restaurant run by Romanians. That was life experience! Am I a rah?

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What about that famous phrase? What did you study at Oxford? Modern History.

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