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The MPs added: "The number of those participants who have claimed bankruptcy remains small.

An HMRC spokesperson said: "The loan charge was introduced in the Finance Bill, giving scheme users three years to put their affairs right. We also wrote to all those affected by the loan charge in to encourage them to come forward ahead of the 5 April deadline this year.

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Scroll to continue. It was painful to watch him pass over opportunities to improve our team, and I didn't stick around to watch it devolve. Everyone loves water cooler talk: Favorite TV shows and last night's game are all great distractions when work is stressful. But every office has an employee who does a lot more talking than working, and it inspires resentment in everyone else. One of my clients had a worker who was well-liked and easy for everyone to talk to.

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People stopped by regularly to chat with this employee and laughed at the near-constant Facebook updates he provided throughout the day. But frustration simmered below the surface because people knew those nonstop conversations meant no work was really getting done -- by him, anyway.

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Social butterflies are usually liked; however, they require others to pick up the work they aren't doing. People who fly off the handle are effective to some extent -- through sheer terror, they get people to do their bidding.

Teammates walk on eggshells to avoid setting these people off. Their rage reads to some as "channeled passion," but it mostly creates a negative atmosphere and safety concerns.

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That can't be taken lightly in modern workplaces. Another client had an employee who was a hothead and once threw a chair in a conference room.

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It bounced off the window and nearly hit another person. That day, she and other colleagues gave their notice. Their safety was too important.